What to do next

Now that you’ve been tattooed the rest is really up to you. Here’s the facts to keep you right. Your new tattoo has involved breaking the surface of your skin and there is a possibility that, if not cared for properly, your tattoo may become infected. By following the advice provided though you will be reducing the chance of anything going wrong with your tattoo ☺️

F I R S T  2/3  H O U R S:​
You will have been wrapped up so that you are oven ready before you left our shop. Keep this second skin on for the next couple of hours. You may discover that a build up of black ink, blood or fluid has started to seep through underneath which is completely normal. We ask that you try your best to ignore this and keep the temporary bandage on for these first couple of hours. 

B A N D A G E  R E M O V A L:
Once this time has passed you may remove the bandage. When you do remove the bandage take it off in the shower, make sure its the last thing you do in the shower or alternatively depending on placement you could use a sink. Peel the bandage away slowly and carefully, it wont hurt your tattoo in any way but your tattoo will still be a little tender so take your
time and be good to yourself. Immediately after removing your bandage wash your new tattoo well with warm water and soap. When you get out of the shower pat your tattoo dry with a clean paper towel.

Leave your tattoo to air dry for about half an hour after cleaning. We would recommend the use of bepanthen which is a nappy rash cream. Use a veryyy limited amount of this and tap it into your tattoo. For the next 7 days you are just going to keep your tattoo clean and dry.  Wash it up to twice a day with the same soap, morning & night or after the gym or any exercise.  Do your best not to touch your tattoo with dirty hands, & if you have children or pets be extra clean.

Only apply cream to your tattoo once a day, this will be more than enough. Avoid any exposure to the sun, sunbeds, saunas, steamrooms, swimming, baths, fake tan surfing this two weeks of healing. Don’t pick or scratch at the tattoo, itchiness is completely normal but try your best to allow scabbing to fall off naturally.

To have your tattoo looking great for as long as possible avoid UV as much as possible.  If you do spend time in
the sun make sure you’re applying a high sun block to your tattoo!

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email or call us here at the studio.

We look forward to tattooing you again soon. Thank youuu

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