So you want to get booked in. That’s great! Here’s some information that will help get you one step closer.


We do everything online now to make everyone’s lives that little bit easier. Unless your passing by then we would love to say hello otherwise there’s not really any need to make your way into the studio until the day of your tattoo.

If you’ve seen a design that we’ve already put together then get in touch with us and simply let us know which design you like and what days suit you better than others and where you want the design to go on your body. We’ll go through the diaries and let you know what’s available.

If you’ve got your own idea for a tattoo that’s great too. We’d love to work with you to bring it to life. If you let us know the following in your inquiry it would really help us out…

  • Basic concept of your idea.
  • How big you want the design to be.
  • Where you would like the tattoo on your body.
  • Which days of the week suit you better than others.


All that’s left to do now is leave a deposit with the studio to safeguard your appointment in the diary. Unless you’ve come in, the best way to transfer this deposit will be online through PayPal so all parties involved are safe.


Our minimum charge for any tattoo, even the smallest of dots, will be £40 this covers all of the necessary set up costs that are involved. We do everything by the book which isn’t always the cheapest for the studio but it guarantees your safety which is more important to us.

To secure yourself a space in the diary you will need to put down a non refundable deposit.

Remember your deposit will always go towards paying off the overall price of your tattoo anyway.

And it’s as simple and easy as that. We’ll be looking forward to putting your design together but please be aware that it’s not always possible to create these images instantly. It’s very common to expect your design ready and shown to you a couple of days in advance of your apointment date and sometimes even on the day depending on how big or small the design is.

Artists contact details

Vicki Odette – instagram

William Bishop –

Kaymie Rowan –

Jack Bishop – instagram @jacksartnthat

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